Are you tired of struggling to get the perfect behind? If diet and exercise are hurting, rather than helping your quest for a rounder butt, you might consider butt implants. These give more volume and shape in one easy procedure than months of daily squats and glute exercises. To find out if implants are right for you, contact Silhouette Plastic Surgery and schedule an appointment with Dr. Daneshmand today. Call us at 949-359-8397 or fill out our online intake form.

What Are Butt Implants?

Butt implants are prosthetic components that are implanted in the buttocks to add volume. This surgery, often known as buttock or gluteal augmentation, has become increasingly more popular. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of buttock augmentation surgeries performed grew by 252 percent between 2000 and 2015.

Buttock lifts, implants, and fat grafting augmentation are the most common butt-related operations. Butt implant operations, despite their appeal, are not without danger. Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon about the potential advantages and side effects, as well as any projected expenses and time to recover. Dr. Daneshmand, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Orange County, has extensive experience in buttock augmentation. Schedule a consultation today to determine if butt implants are right for you.

How Do Butt Implants Work?

Fat grafting may not be an option for very thin people who don’t have enough fat for lipo. These are the people who might be good implant patients. Buttock implants necessitate an outpatient procedure in which your surgeon places silicone butt implants in your glutes. On the day of surgery, your surgeon will create an opening in the vertical butt groove and slip silicone implants into or above the gluteal muscle on both sides. Doctors’ placement techniques differ, but intramuscular implants are optimal.

What Are Butt Implants Made Of?

The substance utilized for these implants is silicone. Solid silicone implants, unlike injectables, are surgically implanted into the buttocks through an incision between the cheeks. For the best outcomes, this technique is occasionally paired with fat grafting. Buttock surgery might take up to four weeks to recuperate from.

Implants are used to enhance volume in the body. Injections and fat grafting alone are unable to do this. Generally, silicone implants for buttock enlargement have been proven to be safe and effective. For persons with minimal fat, implants are recommended since they may not have enough to inject for a Brazilian butt lift.

How Much Are Butt Implants Orange County?

The butt implants Orange County cost varies from patient to patient, depending on the degree of alteration wanted. It also depends on the patient’s current buttocks, and whether or not the patient wants to incorporate other operations during the insertion of their butt implants. This is common with almost every type of cosmetic surgery. 

Call the Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute to book your initial appointment with Dr. Daneshmand to find out how much your butt implants treatment would cost. After he’s completed his assessment and discussed your options with you, he’ll give you a projected cost so you’ll know how much your tailored operation will cost.

Are Butt Implants Safe?

According to evaluations, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has a 95.6 percent rate of satisfaction for butt implants. Butt implant surgery, while it has a great success rate, is not without danger. The following are some of the most prevalent adverse effects.

  • Excessive bleeding post-surgery
  • Scarring
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Skin discoloration
  • Allergic reaction
  • Skin loss
  • Blood or fluid accumulation under the buttocks
  • Vomiting or nausea from anesthesia

It’s also conceivable that the silicone implants will shift or fall out of position. This might result in an uneven look in the buttocks, which will need surgery to correct. Fat grafting can also cause asymmetry in the body owing to fat absorption. Such side effects may be corrected, but any future procedures and downtime come at a cost and with a time commitment.

What Do Butt Implants Feel Like?

Buttock implants in Orange County are an excellent technique to improve the size and contour of your buttocks. The outcomes of your cosmetic operation will vary because we will modify the form, size, and other characteristics of your implants to meet your objectives and body type. Your new implants will feel firmer and sculpted. In fact, your implants may feel identical to the toned muscles you’d get from exercising on a regular basis.

When you take a seat during your recuperation time, you will most likely feel your implants. You should get acclimated to your enlarged buttocks as you adapt to your implants and your tissues mend. When you sit, you will eventually become oblivious to your implants. Your implants will feel like an organic body part at this stage.

What Do Butt Implants Look Like?

We’ve witnessed the various advantages of butt implants in our Orange County plastic surgery institute. A larger bottom can help a person’s shape look more balanced, particularly if they have large breasts or broad hips. Buttock augmentation can also be used to elevate buttocks that have sagged or drooped as a result of aging. Gluteal augmentation can increase men’s and women’s self-confidence by making them feel more beautiful. Patients frequently tell us that this is one of the most beneficial cosmetic improvements they have ever made.

How Long Do Butt Implants Last?

Gluteal implants can significantly increase the volume and shape of the lower body. The best part is that implants are designed to be long-lasting, so a successful augmentation treatment can endure for many years. Silicone butt implants can last at least ten years, if not longer. Patients who are displeased with their outcomes, on the other hand, may endure pain and a loss of self-esteem. This is why it’s critical to select the right implant size and type for your body shape. Dr. Daneshmand will assist you in choosing the correct implants and treatment for your desired outcome based on his expertise and skill.

Where to Get Butt Implants Orange County?

It’s important to work with a board-certified Orange County plastic surgeon for your procedure. At Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute, the experience of our staff speaks for itself. We have countless satisfied patients who have undergone a wide variety of procedures. No matter what kind of procedure you’re looking for, Dr. Daneshmand can help to devise a customized plan for you.

How to Get Butt Implants Orange County?

When patients want additional definition in their rear, silicone implants are usually the best option. Other butt enlargement operations may not be possible due to a lack of fat tissue. Butt implants don’t function as well in persons who have recently lost weight and have a drooping rear end. ‌

Your surgeon makes the incisions for implant placement after administering anesthesia, so you won’t feel any of it. They can do it at the top of your buttocks, the bottom of your buttocks, or between the buttocks. The implants are placed in or under the muscle on both sides of your buttocks by the surgeon. Every doctor has a favorite insertion and positioning procedure. ‌

The implants are placed into your glute muscles to reduce the chance of sciatic nerve injury. This might result in neuropathic pain and issues with your back and thigh muscles. The disadvantage of this procedure is that because the butt implant is not entrenched as deeply as those put below the gluteus, the form of the butt implant may protrude more.

Are Butt Implants Right for Me?

Despite the fact that butt implants create a desirable buttock area, not all Orange County residents are excellent candidates for this treatment. Dr. Daneshmand will examine your entire health history, discuss your intended outcomes, and work with you to establish a treatment plan that meets your needs when you meet with him for your initial appointment.

We also screen our patients beforehand to ensure that implants are a safe option for you. Generally, good candidates for butt implants meet the following criteria.

  • Recently lost a large amount of weight
  • Dislike the way your buttocks look naturally
  • Wish to increase the volume of your buttocks for a better figure
  • Want to lift a sagging buttock area
  • Do not smoke or are willing to stop smoking
  • Are in generally good health and are cleared by your doctor for cosmetic surgery

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