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B Cup Breasts

B Cup Breast Implants

If you’re looking to go from A cup to B cup breasts, you’re in the right place. Breast augmentation at the Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute is a wonderful option for achieving the breasts you’ve always wanted. Breast augmentation is a surgery that may help you look and feel better about yourself. It is still one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States.

Dr. Daneshmand is a board-certified plastic surgeon who focuses on helping patients achieve a more desirable figure. Whether it’s through a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or other cosmetic procedure, his years of experience shine through in the results. Learn about implant sizing, the success of lower volume implants, and more below. To arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr. Daneshmand, please call our office at 949-359-8397 today.

How Does Breast Implant Sizing Work?

Breast implants are not measured by cup size by doctors. There are several reasons for this; first and foremost, bra manufacturers do not utilize standardized sizing. Anyone who has ever worn a bra understands that an A cup in one bra may be a B cup or an AA cup in another.

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters, or ccs, by doctors. A tablespoon of implant filler is used for every 15 cc of blood. As a result, surgeons are able to be quite exact regarding the size of the implant. Implant manufacturers provide a variety of sizes and designs, with the smallest starting at 100 cc. Implant sizes usually go up in volume by 10 to 20 cc at a time, eventually reaching almost 800 cc.

This makes it easier for physicians, but it doesn’t necessarily make it easier for you to figure out what size implant you’ll need to achieve B cup breasts.

According to several experts, every 150 or 200 cc of breast tissue increases breast size by one cup. However, this isn’t always the case. Some individuals may still need up to 300 ccs to go up a cup size. As a result, surgeons advise patients to avoid focusing too heavily on a certain volume for implants.

How to Choose a Breast Implant Size

When it comes to choosing the proper implant size, there are a number of things to consider. If you don’t plan ahead of time, you could find yourself in situations that are harmful to you and your new implants. When deciding on the size of your implant, keep the following factors in mind.

  • Lifestyle: Do you enjoy working out on a regular basis? If that’s the case, keep in mind that breasts beyond a particular size might make various physical exercises, such as jogging and tennis, more difficult or burdensome.
  • Personality: Are you the sort of person that likes to draw attention to themselves, or are you more reserved and quiet? The bigger the implants, the more people will notice them. You could choose to go with a small size increase to balance out your body shape for a more natural effect.
  • Symmetry: In many situations, our patients are more concerned with enhancing the form or symmetry of their breasts than with increasing their size. B cup breasts might help you if you have uneven breasts or are unsatisfied with their form. It’s also crucial to talk about the firmness and look of the implants you’re considering. Maybe you enjoy the form that gummy bear implants give you, and maybe you don’t. Consult your surgeon to learn more about your choices.
  • Your Body: With such a wide range of sizes, it’s vital to remember that not every woman’s body shape or breasts can tolerate implants that are higher on the scale. The optimal size of implant to achieve the correct fullness, shape, and profile will depend on your body type, including the breadth of your natural breasts and the form and size of your chest wall.

Reasons to Get Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is a method for some individuals to feel more confident. For others, it’s a necessary element of breast reconstruction due to a variety of problems. Consult a plastic surgeon if you’re considering breast augmentation. Make sure you know what surgery entails, including the risks, complications, and aftercare. Below, we include common reasons that our patients come to us for breast augmentation.

  • Improve symmetry: Breast augmentation can successfully provide a balanced look for ladies who have one breast that is visibly bigger than the other. Sometimes all a woman wants is for her smaller breast to match her larger breast.
  • Proportions: Breast implants can offer larger breast contour and even out the figure of many women who want their breast size to seem proportionate to the rest of their bodies.
  • Mastectomy: Breast cancer is an emotionally and physically exhausting battle, and while a mastectomy can save a woman’s life, it can also leave her with emotions of lost femininity. Breast reconstruction is a possibility for those who have had a mastectomy, either to prevent or eliminate breast cancer. Following a mastectomy, each of these alternatives can help you return to a more natural look and feel for your breasts.
  • Pregnancy or weight loss: Breast augmentation can restore volume to breasts that have lost volume due to pregnancy or significant weight loss. Breast milk production and increasing breast size can cause breast skin to stretch. Your breasts become less thick when you stop nursing or lose weight, and they may droop or appear deflated.
  • Confidence: All of the aforementioned factors can make women anxious about their appearance, and many women seek breast augmentation to simply improve their appearance and self-confidence. A breast augmentation procedure might help you look and feel better.

Is It Worth Getting B Cup Breasts?

We’ve covered some general facts concerning breast implant sizes. Let’s get a little bit more direct now. Many clients want to know if going up one cup size is worth it if they’re planning to get breast augmentation. Are C cup breasts right for you, or is a smaller size more suitable? In fact, many situations exist in which breast augmentation is a great option.

  • You want to improve the shape of your breasts or you want larger breasts.
  • There exists some asymmetry you wish to correct.
  • You enjoy physical activity or are an athlete, but you don’t want your breasts to get in the way.
  • You just want a subtle size increase or more fullness in your breasts without it being too noticeable.

A good plastic surgeon can achieve what no padded bra can: better breast symmetry, a beautiful form, and breasts that appear and feel natural, as many patients with minor breast augmentations can attest. Breast augmentations aren’t simply for increasing the size of your breasts. They also aim to improve the look of the breasts as a whole.

Benefits of Going from A Cup to B Cup Breasts

Now, let’s discuss why smaller volume implants actually have many benefits over larger volume implants.

  • Lower complication risk: Large implants might cause complications in the future. Capsular contracture, apparent rippling, and other problems are more common with larger implants. These hazards are reduced if you use a smaller implant size for your body.
  • Results that last longer: Implants that are smaller weigh less. Your natural breast tissue will be less stressed as a result. Therefore, the danger of early sagging is reduced. While no breast augmentation procedure is guaranteed to last a lifetime, smaller implants will survive longer than bigger implants.
  • They won’t get in the way: Smaller implants will match your lifestyle better whether you’re a runner, Crossfitter, or active in any activity. They’ll be more convenient and comfy. It’ll also make finding a sports bra a lot easier.
  • Easier to hide the augmentation: Breast augmentation is clearly not anything to be embarrassed about. However, some people may be apprehensive about disclosing that they’ve had one. It could raise a few eyebrows if you leave work with A cup breasts and return with D cup breasts. If you want to raise people’s eyebrows, this is the road for you. Going from an A cup to a B cup or even an A to a C cup may be better suited for those who wish to keep their breast augmentation more lowbrow.

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