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A mastopexy, also called a breast lift, is performed to elevate the nipple and reshape a sagging breast to give a more youthful appearance. Occasionally, a breast augmentation using breast implants can be combined with a breast lift in order to achieve an optimum shape and contour. Whether you have always wanted perkier breasts, or you’re looking to correct the effects of time and breastfeeding, a breast lift can help you achieve the shape you desire. To find out how much is a breast lift or to schedule a consultation, please call our Orange County plastic surgery center at 949-359-8397. You can also fill out our online intake form.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy, basically lifts sagging breasts so that they have a more youthful breast contour. Plastic surgeons generally do this by removing breast skin and surrounding tissue and then moving the nipple upwards.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift?

The best way to know the answer to this question is to meet with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Daneshmand. He will perform a physical exam and discuss your aesthetic goals with you. Then, he’ll give you his professional opinion on which cosmetic surgery is best for you. But if you’ve lost breast skin elasticity and firmness from weight fluctuations (major weight gain and loss), pregnancy, breastfeeding, and aging, you’re likely a good candidate for breast lift surgery. 

How a Breast Mastopexy Procedure Works

Experienced plastic surgeons use different surgical methods for breast lift procedures depending on the patient’s breast size, shape, and concerns. After giving you anesthesia, Dr. Daneshmand will likely follow the steps listed below.

  • Create marks on each breast and around each areola.
  • Create incisions around each areola. These incisions generally extend from the areola down to the breast crease.
  • Remove excess skin, lift the breasts up, and reshape the breasts. 
  • Reduce the size of each areola, if necessary, and move them up higher on the breast.
  • Close the incision sites with surgical tape, stitches, or skin adhesives.

This surgical procedure generally takes two to three hours. 

Breast Lift Surgery Risks and Complications

All cosmetic procedures come with their own set of risks and complications, especially if you have underlying medical conditions. Be sure to discuss the following risks and complications with your plastic surgeon.

  • Excess bleeding
  • Fluid accumulation in the breasts
  • Permanent, noticeable scars
  • Incisions that heal poorly
  • Temporary loss of sensation in the breast or nipple
  • Blood clots
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Breast revision surgery if you dislike your results
  • Losing some or all of the areola, although this is very rare
  • Infection

Infection is possibly the biggest risk following a cosmetic procedure. If you develop a high fever over 101 degrees, chest pain, difficulty breathing, incision site drainage, and breast swelling or redness, go to the doctor immediately.

breast lift

Average Cost of a Breast Lift

According to 2020 data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, breast lifts cost $5,012 on average. It’s important to note that this price tag will vary from clinic to clinic and surgeon to surgeon. It’s also important to remember that you’re not just paying for the breast lift surgery. You’re also paying for the surgeon’s fee, your anesthesia, your operating room, certain medications, a surgical bra, medical tests, and so much more.

Can I Get Breast Implants With a Breast Lift?

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, the effects of gravity, aging, weight gain, and weight loss can cause sagging breasts over time. While a breast lift can treat the sagginess by restoring your nipples to their former location and elevating the breast tissue, this surgery does not restore breast volume. In reality, removing excess skin and lifting breast tissue will make your breasts appear smaller than before.

For this reason, many women choose to undergo a breast augmentation and a breast lift at the same time. Implants can create upper breast fullness that a breast lift alone would not provide. This helps you regain the breast shape and contour you once had. With this understanding, however, an implant is certainly not mandatory for anyone when considering a lifting procedure. The decision is up to you.

Will I Have Scarring From a Breast Lift?

Yes, you will likely have some degree of scarring from your breast lift surgery. The appearance of your breast lift scars will depend on the type of breast lift procedure that Dr. Daneshmand feels is best for you.

Some breast lifts leave only a scar around the areola. Meanwhile, some breast lifts leave a vertical scar below the areola towards the fold. For extremely saggy breasts, a horizontal scar in the breast crease helps achieve the best contour without any loose skin. Most women are extremely happy to have a lifted, perky breast contour at the expense of some scarring.

Will a Mastopexy Affect My Nipple Sensation?

It is unlikely, but there is a small chance that a breast lift surgery could reduce nipple and breast sensation. Experienced plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Daneshmand, know exactly how to prevent injury to the nerves that provide sensation to the nipple. But in more extreme lifts, patients may experience decreased sensation.

Will Smoking Affect My Breast Lift Recovery?

Smoking results in poor healing from almost any procedure. That’s because cigarettes can decrease blood flow all throughout the body. Post-operative complications, such as an open wound or skin death, are much higher in smokers. The rate of wound infection is also significantly increased in smokers due to limited blood flow. Because of this, a patient must stop smoking for a minimum of four weeks prior to surgery in order to decrease the risk of these complications. In addition, smoking is prohibited for one month after surgery as poor wound healing may result during this time.

What Kind of Anesthesia Is Used for Mastopexies?

General anesthesia is used to achieve sedation and pain control during a mastopexy. You will be asleep during the surgery and awaken comfortably in the recovery room. General anesthesia and IV sedation are extremely safe in healthy patients undergoing cosmetic surgery.

What is Breast Lift Recovery Like?

After a mastopexy, you may go home to recover comfortably in your own bed. You will be walking on the day of surgery with some discomfort and tightness in your chest. A supportive bra will be the most comfortable post-operative garment to wear during the healing process. Generally, patients only need pain medication for a few days. Many patients go back to work within two weeks. At 4 weeks, low-impact exercise is permissible. At the 6-8 week mark, patients can resume heavy lifting and other intense exercises.

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