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Ear Pinning Surgery in Orange County and Bakersfield

Ears that protrude, or stick out too far, can be a huge source of insecurity for anyone, especially a child who may have to face bullies at school. Children ages 5 and up are the ones who generally undergo ear pinning surgery the most often. Both doctors and parents agree that providing a child with “normal” ears can save them psychological torment in school and throughout their lives. 

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What is Ear Pinning Surgery?

Ear pinning surgery, also called an Orange County otoplasty, is a surgery that can change the size, shape, and projection of the ears. This type of ear surgery is very common among older children who have protruding ears, or ears that just stick out too far. Prominent ears can take a toll on anyone’s self-esteem, especially a child. That’s why Orange County plastic surgery practitioner Dr. Daneshmand offers otoplasty surgery at his Bakersfield clinic.

Types of Otoplasty

There are many types of ear surgeries to choose from, depending on a patient’s specific ear insecurities.

  • Ear Augmentation is most commonly chosen by patients who feel they have small or underdeveloped ears. This ear surgery specifically augments the outer ears.
  • Ear Pinning is most commonly chosen by patients with large or protruding ears. The ears are usually pinned through incisions behind the ear.
  • Ear Reduction is generally chosen by patients who feel that their ears are far too large for their head, also known as a condition called macrotia. In cases like this, a surgeon will reduce the outer ears and the ear lobes.

Ear Pinning Surgery Benefits

Ear pinning surgery has numerous benefits, including:

  • Correcting Protruding Ears: Most patients feel that ears positioned at an angle greater than 25 degrees takes the attention away from facial appearance. Plastic surgeons have found that ears pinned and positioned at an angle of 15 degrees or less can shift all attention back to the face.
  • Improved Self-Confidence: For many patients, large ears that obviously stick out from the head turn into a major insecurity. Many children and adults who suffer from this insecurity often spend their lives trying to cover up their ears with specific hair cuts, headbands, hats, and more. That’s why Dr. Daneshmand is so passionate about cosmetic procedures like surgical otoplasty. He loves giving his patients the confidence they deserve.
  • Improved Facial Symmetry: Oftentimes, giving the ears a new shape is all it takes to improve facial symmetry and therefore boost confidence.
  • Permanent Surgical Correction: Some cosmetic surgery results change over time due to age and weight gain or loss. However, results from cosmetic ear surgery won’t change due to either of those factors, making this procedure a worthy investment.
  • Very Few Risks: The last benefit of an otoplasty is that there are very few risks of infection or revision surgery unlike many other facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries. The healing process generally doesn’t last longer than two weeks so that patients can quickly resume their normal activities.

How to Prepare for an Otoplasty

Both children and adults need to physically and mentally prepare themselves for any kind of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

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Ear pinning surgery preparation generally involves:

  • Providing your plastic surgeon with your medical history
  • Avoiding pain medication like aspirin (and other anti-inflammatories or herbal supplements) before surgery to decrease the risk of bleeding
  • Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol prior to ear surgery

How is an Otoplasty Performed?

A surgical otoplasty is generally a simple cosmetic procedure that only takes about two hours. But the entire process will begin with an initial consultation with Dr. Daneshmand. He will firstly examine your ears and provide you with a clear understanding of what to expect during your outpatient procedure.

When it’s time for your cosmetic surgery, Dr. Daneshmand will begin by sedating you with local anesthesia or general anesthesia. For an ear pinning procedure, he will make a few small incisions in the ear folds that are behind the ear. He will then use permanent sutures to basically angle the ears closer to the head. For ear augmentations or reductions, Dr. Daneshmand will likely trim or reshape the ear cartilage. Lastly, he’ll wrap your ears in a protective headband, prescribe pain medication, and send you home to heal.

What to Expect After an Otoplasty

Like any facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, you will likely experience discomfort, swelling, and pain while you heal. Luckily, this is generally short-lived with an otoplasty. As long as you follow after-care instructions from your doctor, your healing and pain will be manageable.

here is what to expect following your cosmetic ear surgery:

  • Your surgeon will instruct you to keep your head elevated, especially while you sleep.
  • There will be swelling, redness, and some changes in skin sensation while you heal.
  • You will probably have to wear a protective headband and apply topical ointments to the ears for a couple of weeks while you heal.
  • Complete recovery from an otoplasty can take up to six weeks, but most people feel better within two to three weeks post-op.
  • It can take up to six weeks to see full ear pinning results because sometimes it can take that long for swelling and redness to go down.
  • You will probably have a couple of follow-up appointments with your surgeon while you heal.

Non-Surgical Ear Pinning

Maybe you’re self-conscious about your ears but you’re not ready to undergo facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, which can be expensive and painful. Luckily, non-surgical ear pinning now exists for patients who aren’t ready to jump into facial plastic surgery.

What is an Ear Fold Implant?

An ear fold implant is basically a tiny implant that’s inserted under the skin of the outer ear. The thin, gold implant can create a missing ear fold by bending the cartilage and holding it in a specific shape. It’s a minimally invasive, quick, and more affordable treatment for protruding ears.

How Ear Fold Implants Work

Most patients with ears that protrude away from the head don’t have an antihelical fold, which often makes the ears appear larger than they actually are. This procedure allows a tiny implant to create the missing antihelical fold, therefore making the ears appear more closely angled to the head.

Otoplasty vs. Ear Implants

An ear implant is a less painful treatment performed on an outpatient basis that only requires a local anesthetic. Recovery is much quicker than an otoplasty because it’s considered a non-surgical procedure. Patients generally only experience discomfort for the first night or two following implant insertion. Meanwhile, those who undergo an otoplasty can experience pain and discomfort for a couple of weeks. Even though the otoplasty already has very few complications, ear implants have even fewer complications. Lastly, the results from both an otoplasty and ear implants are permanent.

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