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Are you ready to boost your confidence and become the best version of yourself? Look no further! At Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Daneshmand combines cutting-edge surgical techniques with skilled artistry to provide you with unparalleled cosmetic enhancements.

We offer the residents of Foothill Ranch, CA a comprehensive range of cosmetic surgery procedures tailored to each patient’s unique aesthetic goals. Take the first step towards a more confident you–schedule your consultation today! Call us at (949) 359-8397 and let us turn your aesthetic vision into reality.

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Face Procedures

Facial plastic surgery can work wonders by helping you turn back the clock, smoothing away wrinkles, restoring youthful contours, and giving you the confidence to put your best face forward. At our Foothill Ranch, CA location, we offer a wide range of facial procedures, including face and neck lifts, facial contouring procedures, eye surgeries, and nose jobs, all designed to enhance your natural beauty and restore youthful vitality.

Face and Neck Lifts

Our facelift surgeries and neck lift surgeries are transformative and can address any sagging skin and tissue in the face and neck. These procedures effectively reduce signs of aging, such as wrinkles and jowls, to provide a rejuvenated and more youthful appearance.

Buccal Fat Removal

Our buccal fat removal procedure helps individuals achieve a slimmer and more sculpted facial contour by surgically reducing excess fat pads in the cheeks. This results in a refined and aesthetically pleasing mid-face appearance, accentuating the cheekbones and jaw and creating a beautifully sculpted result.

Eye Surgeries

Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute offers a range of eye surgeries that target various eye area concerns, including drooping eyelids, saggy brow lines, under-eye bags, and wrinkles, to rejuvenate and refresh the eyes, enhancing overall facial harmony and appearance. We also offer specific eyelid surgery options, including cat eye surgeries and fox eye surgeries, which allow you to achieve the dramatic eye shape that you really want.


Our rhinoplasty procedure, commonly known as a nose job, is designed to reshape and refine the nose, improving facial balance, addressing breathing issues, and enhancing overall facial aesthetics. Whether you’re seeking to improve your nose’s aesthetic appeal or address functional concerns, rhinoplasty can help you achieve a more balanced, harmonious facial appearance.

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Breast Procedures

In addition to our various facial procedures, we provide Foothill Ranch, CA residents with a range of breast surgeries. Whether you’re looking to enhance, reduce, or lift your breasts, our breast procedures can transform your silhouette and help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body. Our comprehensive range of breast procedures includes breast augmentations, breast reductions, breast lifts, breast revisions, breast reconstructions, areola reductions, and pec implants, each tailored to meet your unique needs and aesthetic goals.

Breast Augmentation

At Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute, our Foothill Ranch breast augmentation procedures involve the expert placement of breast implants to enhance breast size and shape, giving our clients increased breast volume and improved self-confidence. We offer multiple breast augmentation surgery options, including B, C, and D cup implants, gummy bear implants, and fat transfer breast augmentations, so you can achieve your ideal breast shape and size.

Breast Reduction

Large breasts can cause physical pain and discomfort, and can seriously affect a person’s self-esteem. Our breast reduction procedure is tailored to reduce excess breast tissue and alleviate discomfort, providing a more proportionate and balanced chest for our patients.

Breast Lift

Over time, factors such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, and aging can lead to sagging or drooping breasts. Our breast lift procedures can help address these concerns by removing excess skin, tightening the breast tissue, and repositioning the nipples to create a more youthful and uplifted appearance–all without the need for implants.

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Breast Revision

Breast procedure results can change due to aging, pregnancy, and even implant complications, and may eventually require reconstructive surgery. That’s why we at Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute offer breast revision procedures to address and correct issues arising from previous breast surgeries or mistakes from previous plastic surgeons.

Breast Reconstruction

Our breast reconstruction procedures aim to restore breast shape and appearance following mastectomy or injury, offering hope and confidence to our patients. Beyond the physical restoration, this procedure aims to improve our client’s emotional healing and quality of life, allowing them to move forward with renewed hope and self-assurance.

Areola Reduction

Unhappy with the size and symmetry of your areolas? Our areola reduction surgery can help create a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing appearance, enhancing overall breast aesthetics and increasing self-confidence.

Pec Implants

Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute also offers pec implant surgery, which can enhance chest contours and muscular definition to create a fuller, more balanced chest. This procedure is tailored for our patients who want to achieve a more masculine appearance, and can provide a solution when building chest muscle through exercise alone is challenging.

Body Procedures

Whether it’s by trimming stubborn fat, tightening loose skin, or rejuvenating your post-pregnancy or post-weight loss body, body procedures offer you the opportunity to sculpt your figure to your ideal shape. They can also empower you to feel your best and live life with newfound self-assurance. We’re proud to offer the residents of Foothill Ranch, CA some of our most highly sought-after body procedures, including buttock rejuvenation and BBLs, body contouring procedures, tummy tucks, labiaplasty, and mommy/daddy makeovers.

Buttock Rejuvenation

Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute’s buttock rejuvenation procedures can help address issues such as sagging due to aging, weight loss, or genetics, by enhancing the roundness and perkiness of the buttocks. We can help improve the shape and volume of the buttocks through techniques the use of a Brazilian Butt Lift or buttock implants, providing a more youthful and shapely appearance.

Body Contouring

At Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer an array of body contouring procedures meticulously crafted to refine and sculpt your physique. These procedures target issues like excess fat and loose skin, working together to create a more toned and streamlined body appearance. We provide specialized options such as hip dip surgery, liposuction, and skin removal surgery, so that you can reach your body goals.

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Tummy Tuck

Our Foothill Ranch tummy tucks are transformative procedures that remove excess abdominal skin and tighten the underlying muscles, creating a firmer and flatter midsection. This kind of procedure can be a highly effective solution for individuals who may have excess skin, loose abdominal muscles, or stubborn fat deposits in the abdominal region that are resistant to diet and exercise.


The expert labiaplasty procedures offered by Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute can improve the cosmetic appearance as well as the physical comfort of the labia. By removing excess tissue, this procedure aims to enhance overall genital aesthetics and address potential discomfort, all at once.

Mommy Makeover

Our Foothill Ranch mommy makeover packages combine various procedures to help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy bodies, addressing concerns such as sagging breasts, excess abdominal skin, and stubborn fat deposits. These packages are highly personal and tailored specifically to our patient’s needs, so don’t hold back! Let us address the cosmetic problems that are causing your self-confidence to suffer. 

Daddy Makeover

Similar to our mommy makeovers, our daddy makeover procedures aim to address areas of concern such as excess abdominal fat or gynecomastia, helping men achieve a more confident and rejuvenated appearance. Tailored for men, these procedures aim to help our male clients regain a more youthful and toned appearance.

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