Even if you were confident in your physical appearance when you were younger, the most anatomically flawless people age. Women’s breasts sag due to a variety of factors. Pregnancy, nursing babies, weight loss, and even gravity can cause breasts to sag over time. While this might be aggravating, a simple breast lift can fix the problem and restore the natural firmness of the breasts. However, is the breast lift price in your surgery budget?

Breast lift surgery is a popular cosmetic surgery operation. The surgical procedure aims to restore a youthful appearance to sagging breasts by making them firmer and perkier. Along with the breast lift, the areolas and nipples are frequently adjusted. To increase breast fullness, many women also choose to have breast augmentation.

Once you’ve decided this is the procedure for you, you likely have many questions. How does your Bakersfield plastic surgeon perform a breast lift? Will the surgery leave scars behind? And what is the breast lift price? 

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What Is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, also referred to as a “mastopexy,” is a cosmetic procedure that contours, tightens, and raises the breasts. The areola, which may get larger over time, can also be reduced with a breast lift.

A breast lift aims to contour the breasts by removing extra skin around the breast and tightening the surrounding tissue. It is not a method for achieving larger, fuller breasts or dramatically reducing their size. Consider combining your breast lift with a breast augmentation or a breast reduction if this is your goal. 

Best Candidates For Surgery 

Good candidates for breast lifts include: 

  • Mothers who breastfed multiple children 
  • Women who observed a loss of firmness as they aged
  • Healthy women with realistic expectations 
  • Those that want to reclaim the youthful appearance of their breasts
  • Women with skin elasticity loss resulting in sagging breasts

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, ad other hormonal changes after surgery can affect surgical results. Therefore, women who plan to have additional children, or who haven’t decided if they want to have more children, should postpone surgery until they are totally prepared. Those who undergo this procedure should be advised that it may result in side effects or complications, such as scars, infection, or changes in nipple or breast sensation.

What Are the Procedures?

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The procedure utilizes general anesthesia and takes approximately two hours to complete. Dr. Daneshmand makes one of four types of incisions. This depends on what he chooses with you during your initial appointment.

These incision types include the crescent lift, lollipop lift, anchor lift, and donut lift. Your surgeon elevates and tightens the breast tissue by pushing the skin up and over the new breast form.

Extra skin is trimmed and removed. Sutures are used to assist support the new breast contour. To fit your new breast shape, the nipple and areola may be moved to a different, often higher location.

Does a Breast Lift Leave Scars?

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After any surgery that involves an incision, you should expect some scars. Your surgeon does everything possible to minimize these scars. However, they are unavoidable in most cases. You can read about how to avoid or reduce scar tissue in our blog, “How To Break Up Scar Tissue.”

What Will Your Scars Look Like After a Breast Lift?

The size and shape of the scar are solely determined by the surgeon’s ability and the technique employed. A breast lift is a broad term that encompasses a variety of different operations.

When performing the procedure, your doctor uses one of several surgical procedures. During your in-person consultation, your surgeon goes over the different procedures with you in further detail. 

Crescent Lift

Because it just takes a single, small incision around the upper half of the areola, the crescent lift leaves the least amount of scars. Usually done in conjunction with a breast augmentation, this type of lift is only recommended for women with minor breast sagging. Above the areola, the residual scar will appear as a half-circle.

Periareolar or “Donut” Lift

A periareolar or donut lift is exactly what it sounds like. It necessitates a circular or “donut” incision around the entire outer region of the areola. The resulting scar hugs the areola’s edges.

This method is essentially a cross between a crescent lift and an anchor lift. It is used for women with slight drooping. This procedure is frequently combined with breast implants. It may also be useful for ladies who want to reduce or change the contour of their areola.

Vertical or “Lollipop” Lift

The lollipop lift is one of the most popular breast lift procedures. On each breast, two tiny incisions are made to remove extra skin and restructure the breast. A donut lift incision is made around the areola, followed by a second incision from the bottom of the areola to the crease below. The incisions (and resulting scars) are shaped like a lollipop.

Inverted T or “Anchor” Lift

For women who have significant drooping in their breasts, an inverted T or anchor lift is frequently the best option. This surgical method uses three incisions.

One incision runs along the outer edge of the areola, while another runs down to the crease, similar to the lollipop lift. There is a third incision along the inframammary fold, which is hidden in the crease of the breast or “underboob area.” This type of lift has the most scarring and resembles an anchor.

What Is Breast Lift Recovery Like?

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Dressings and/or bandages go over the incision site immediately after surgery. Sometimes a tiny tube is temporarily inserted beneath the skin. It drains any extra blood or fluid. 

After a few days of wearing the bandages, your post surgery garments will include a support bra. This helps reduce swelling and supports your rejuvenated breasts as they heal. This bra is worn for four weeks or until your doctor instructs you otherwise. Only take your bra off when you’re showering.

Following surgery, you will likely experience bruising and swelling. Though both should reduce within two weeks. Avoid straining, lifting, or bending while you heal. Avoid vigorous activities until your doctor says it is okay. This is typically four weeks after the treatment.

Your surgeon will go through all of the details of your breast lift recovery with you. This includes instructions and any potential risks or consequences. They will answer any specific issues or questions you may have.

What Are the Potential Complications of Breast Lift Surgery?

Major consequences from a breast lift performed by a board certified plastic surgeon are unlikely. All surgeries have risks. Here are some of the possible breast lift surgery side effects:

  • Risks connected to anesthesia 
  • Bleeding 
  • Scarring 
  • Fluid Buildup 
  • Infection 
  • Asymmetry or irregularities in the size and/or contour of the breasts 
  • Sensation changes in nipple
  • Breastfeeding Issues 
  • Nipple and/or areola loss, partial or complete 
  • Necrosis of the fat

You should expect little to no issues if you work with a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Daneshmand.

How Much Is a Breast Lift in California

Similarly to the costs associated with a standard boob job in California, the breast lift price in Bakersfield, or anywhere else for that matter, is quite variable and depends on a variety of factors. You discuss all of these topics during your appointment. 

Dr. Daneshmand examines your physique during your consultation. He also goes over your surgical goals and desires. With this information, he provides you with a more accurate final cost of a breast lift that is tailored to your specific needs.

Patients who prefer to pay in monthly installments can take advantage of financing options. All things considered, the national average breast lift price is approximately $5,000. This average cost does not include anesthesia fees, operating room costs, and other additional costs. Please contact your plastic surgeon’s office to find out what you can expect to pay. 

The breast lift price depends on the surgeon’s fee and experience, the treatment performed, the location of the office, and the surgery center facility fees.

Bakersfield Breast Lift Plastic Surgeon

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Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute’s Bakersfield plastic surgeons provide patients with stunning, long-lasting results. Dr. Hootan Daneshmand, a board-certified plastic surgeon, guarantees that each of his patients has the finest possible outcomes and leaves feeling much more confident in their bodies and breasts.

Breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast reconstruction are among the operations we offer. Call us today at (949) 359-8397 to book your consultation with Dr. D and find out your breast lift price. We look forward to seeing you soon!