Cosmetic surgery is a way for people to take back their self-esteem and exert control over their appearance. A traditional facelift may bring to mind a dramatic, too-tight-ponytail look, but this invasive procedure isn’t the only option to turn back time. 

Aging may be a natural process, but that doesn’t mean we have to sit back and accept it. The plastic surgeons at Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute can help you defy the aging process and get the skin of your dreams. As you age, your skin loses elasticity, and your face loses volume. Wrinkles and creases can draw attention away from your natural beauty and show your age. Non-surgical facelift options can help you look younger without the telltale “under the knife” look. To learn more about the treatments we offer in Riverside and Orange County, call us today at 949-359-8397.  

What is a Non Surgical Facelift?

A nonsurgical facelift uses one (or a combination of) minimally invasive treatment options to give your skin a more youthful appearance. Sagging skin, sunken cheeks, wrinkles, and other skin blemishes can take a major toll on your self-esteem. Nonsurgical facelift options can help slow down the clock and help you take pride in your appearance once more. 

Best Non Surgical Facelift Options

Non-Surgical Facelift Options

At Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute, we offer a wide variety of non-surgical treatment options to attain your specific goals. From sagging skin to a dull complexion, we can treat it all! Read on below to learn more about our various treatment options. Dr. Daneshmand can work with you to determine the best non-surgical treatments for you.   


Ranking as the number one most common minimally invasive procedure, botulinum toxin injections can treat everything from crow’s feet to migraines. Commonly known as Botox, this non-invasive procedure can treat frown lines, laugh lines, forehead wrinkles, smoker’s lines, and more. This treatment is often used simultaneously with dermal fillers. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers can restore lost volume in the face and smooth out wrinkles. These fillers most commonly use hyaluronic acid, a substance already found in your body. These fillers can last anywhere between 6 and 12 months and can be repeated several times. Dermal fillers can create plumper lips, reduce scars, and even reshape the nose. Dermal fillers can be a ‘trial run’ of sorts when used in a nonsurgical nose job

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another type of non-surgical procedure topping the charts. Nearly one million people underwent a chemical peel in 2020, making it the fourth most common minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure. Chemical peels use a chemical solution to remove the outermost layers of skin on the face. The skin that grows back is smoother, more vibrant, and has a more even complexion. 


Microdermabrasion is similar to the above treatments in that it removes the outermost layer of skin. This skin procedure uses fine crystals to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. This procedure can treat acne scars, surface-level wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, and more!

Laser Skin Resurfacing

Most types of nonsurgical facelifts rely on your body’s natural regenerative properties to improve the appearance of your skin. Laser skin resurfacing is no different. Laser skin resurfacing uses a laser (most commonly CO2) to carefully remove the outer layer of skin. 

RF Microneedling

Radiofrequency microneedling, or RF microneedling, is a treatment that uses radiofrequency to improve the skin. This procedure uses tiny needles to project heat deep into the skin, stimulating elastin and collagen production. 

Benefits of a Nonsurgical Facelift

non invasive face lift

The reason many people choose non-surgical facelift treatments over the more traditional surgical option is clear. The benefits of nonsurgical treatment options are great, while the risks are few. 

No Downtime

Most types of non-surgical facelifts require no downtime at all. Some of the more aggressive treatments may require minimal downtime, but it’s nothing compared to the downtime after surgical treatment. In most cases, you can even go back to work the same day. Non-surgical procedures don’t require you to be put under general anesthesia or stay overnight in the hospital. 

Fewer Scars

Traditional facelift procedures often require large incisions that are hidden by the hairline or behind the ear. These hidden scars are still scars. A nonsurgical facelift is minimally invasive, which means there’s almost no risk of scarring. This is ideal for people who scar easily or have sensitive skin.  

Natural-Looking Results

Nonsurgical facelifts are just as effective as surgical options. In fact, non-surgical options can be more effective than traditional surgical options. Non-surgical treatment options stimulate your body’s natural production of collagen and elastin. This makes for very natural-looking results, which is perfect for someone who wants something a little more subtle. 

More Affordable

The national average cost of a surgical facelift is $8,005. This is thousands of dollars more than even the most expensive nonsurgical option. People can go back to work almost immediately after a nonsurgical procedure, which means there’s no need to take vacation days or miss work. These procedures also don’t require an overnight stay in the hospital, which can cost a pretty penny. 

Best Candidates for Non-Surgical Facelift Procedures

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Visible signs of aging can be a great stressor, which in turn can cause more fine lines and wrinkles. As you age, your skin develops something called skin laxity. This is more commonly known as sagging skin. Your body stops producing as much collagen and elastin, the chemicals that normally keep your skin firm. Nonsurgical treatments are an excellent way to give your skin a youthful glow and stop the harsh aging process. But not everyone is an ideal candidate for cosmetic procedures.

To be an ideal candidate, you must:

  • Be able and willing to follow post-procedure care and instructions
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Expect improvement, not perfection
  • Stop smoking

Smoking has been shown to not only speed up the aging process, but it can also delay recovery and increase your chances of complications.  

How Long Does a Nonsurgical Facelift Last?

The results of your treatment ultimately depend on which type of nonsurgical facelift procedure you choose. Injectable procedures often have a near-instantaneous result and can be repeated multiple times throughout the year. For the best results, follow your doctor’s instructions carefully. Your skin is likely to be very sensitive and fragile after a face procedure, so doing what you can to protect it while it heals can ensure you get long-lasting results.  

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