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Becoming a mother is life-changing. The journey of pregnancy and childbirth often leaves lasting effects on a woman’s physique, including sagging breasts, stretched abdominal muscles, and stubborn pockets of fat that seem impossible to shed.

At Silhouette Plastic Surgery Institute in Foothill Ranch, CA, women have discovered a transformative solution to regain confidence and rejuvenate their bodies. Welcome to “Mommy Makeovers,” a comprehensive and tailored approach to cosmetic surgery that empowers mothers to reclaim their pre-pregnancy beauty and feel their absolute best.

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover combines cosmetic surgery procedures to address the physical changes often occurring in a woman’s body due to pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. These procedures help mothers regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and boost their self-confidence.

While the procedures of a mommy makeover can vary from person to person based on their individual needs and goals, common surgeries that are often included in a mommy makeover may consist of breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy), breast reduction, tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), and liposuction.

Common Mommy Makeover Procedures

A mommy makeover procedure is a personalized approach to cosmetic surgery that combines various treatments to address each individual’s specific concerns and goals. Whether it’s restoring breast volume, tightening abdominal muscles, or sculpting stubborn fat deposits, these procedures are tailored to uplift and empower women on their post-pregnancy journeys.


Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, removes the excess skin and fat from the abdomen while tightening the abdominal muscles that may have been separated (diastasis recti). This transformative surgery is highly effective in restoring a flatter and more toned appearance to the midsection, making it a popular choice among mothers looking to address the changes in their abdominal region that can occur after pregnancy and childbirth.

Breast Surgery

Breast surgeries are at the heart of many mommy makeovers, allowing women to restore and enhance their breast aesthetics following the changes often accompanying motherhood. Breast procedures can address lost volume, sagging, or discomfort and are designed to rejuvenate and empower mothers by reshaping and revitalizing the focal point of their femininity.

The common breast procedures that Dr. Daneshmand and his team at Silhouette Plastic Surgery perform for moms wanting to perk up their breasts following pregnancies are a breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation enhances the breast shape, size, shape, and overall appearance. During surgery, the implants are inserted either beneath the chest muscle (submuscular) or behind the breast tissue but over the muscle (subglandular), depending on factors such as the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s recommendations. The most common breast implants are silicone and saline implants.

Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is performed to rejuvenate and reshape the breasts. It is an excellent option for women who experience sagging or drooping breasts due to factors such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. During breast lifts, a skilled plastic surgeon carefully removes sagging skin and tightens the surrounding breast tissue to restore a more youthful and elevated breast contour. This process not only lifts the breasts but also repositions the nipple and areola to a more natural and youthful position.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery alleviates excessive large breasts’ physical and emotional discomfort. During a breast reduction procedure, plastic surgeons remove excess tissue, fat, and skin to achieve a more proportionate breast size that aligns with the patient’s body frame and aesthetic goals. This surgery reduces breast volume and reshapes and lifts the breasts to create a younger and symmetrical appearance.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures have gained popularity recently as women seek ways to address intimate health and aesthetic concerns. These procedures are designed to enhance and restore the appearance, function, and comfort of the vaginal area. A vaginal rejuvenation can benefit women who have experienced changes in the vaginal region from childbirth, like tearing or an enlarged labia.


Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that specifically focuses on altering and reshaping the labia minora (the inner lips of the vulva). During a labiaplasty procedure, a skilled surgeon carefully trims sagging skin and reshapes the labia minora. The surgery can address concerns related to elongated or uneven labia, which can sometimes cause discomfort during activities like exercise or sexual intercourse.


Monsplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes and contours the mons pubis area—the soft, fatty mound over the pubic bone. During a monsplasty procedure, a board-certified plastic surgeon removes excess fat and tissue from the mons pubis to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing and proportionate appearance.

Mons Pubis Liposuction

Mons pubis liposuction is another cosmetic surgical procedure aimed at reshaping and contouring the mons pubis. This procedure is less invasive than monsplasty and is usually performed on those with a fatty pubic area caused by stubborn body fat.

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Liposuction is a common and effective component of mommy makeovers, allowing mothers to address stubborn pockets of fat that can linger after pregnancy and childbirth. This procedure targets localized fat deposits, sculpting the body to enhance overall contours. By precisely removing excess fat, it contributes to a more youthful and rejuvenated postpartum physique, helping mothers feel their best after the physical changes associated with motherhood.

Butt Lift

Butt lifts are another surgical procedure that many moms choose for their mommy makeovers. Listed below are several butt lift procedures that we offer at Silhouette Plastic Surgery.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A brazilian butt lift (BBL) is designed to enhance the volume and shape of the buttocks. It involves a two-step process: first, liposuction removes excess fat from areas of the body, typically the abdomen, flanks, or thighs. Then, the extracted fat is purified and strategically injected into the buttocks to create a fuller, more sculpted appearance.

Direct Butt Lift

A direct butt lift is a surgical procedure designed to lift and reshape the buttocks, lower back, and outer thighs. During a direct butt lift, excess skin and tissue are removed from the lower back and buttocks area, resulting in a tighter, firmer, and uplifted appearance.

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Butt Augmentation With Implants

Butt augmentation with implants is performed in order to enhance the buttocks’ size and shape. Solid silicone implants are surgically placed within the buttock muscles or beneath them, creating a fuller and more rounded appearance. This surgical option is often chosen by individuals seeking a significant increase in buttock volume or those who do not have sufficient excess fat for brazilian butt lifts.

Butt Injections

Butt injections are non-surgical cosmetic procedures designed to enhance the buttocks’ size and shape through injectable substances. These injectables typically consist of dermal fillers, silicone, or fat harvested from the patient’s body. During the procedure, the chosen substance is strategically injected into specific buttocks areas to add volume, improve contour, and create a fuller appearance. Butt injections are considered a less invasive alternative to surgical procedures like BBLs or butt implant surgery.

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Who is a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover in Foothill Ranch?

A good candidate for a mommy makeover procedure in Foothill Ranch, CA, is someone who:

  • Is around 25 pounds of their ideal weight. Any moms who lose significant weight following their plastic surgery procedure risk losing their surgical results.
  • Is in good health with no history of medical conditions or diseases.
  • Is at a stable weight. Women’s bodies after childbirth fluctuate, so it’s best to wait until your weight has become stable before undergoing any surgical procedure.
  • Is done having children. If a woman has a mommy makeover and then has another child, it can undo the results of the plastic surgery procedures.
  • Does not vape or smoke.

Pros and Cons of Mommy Makeovers

A mommy makeover procedure is a significant decision for many women seeking to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies and self-confidence. While achieving desired results is exciting, it’s crucial to weigh both the pros and cons of the procedures.


  • A mommy makeover addresses multiple areas of concern in a single surgery, allowing for a comprehensive transformation that can include the breasts, abdomen, hips, and more.
  • Procedures are tailored to the individual’s needs and goals, ensuring that the results align with their desired outcomes and body proportions.
  • Combining multiple procedures into one surgery can be more time-efficient than having separate surgeries at different times.
  • Mommy makeovers can significantly boost self-esteem and body confidence, helping women feel more comfortable and positive about their post-pregnancy bodies.
  • The results of mommy makeovers are typically long-lasting as long as they do not have any more children and follow a relatively healthy lifestyle.


  • Like any surgical procedure, mommy makeovers have inherent risks, including infection, bleeding, scarring, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.
  • While many women achieve their desired outcomes, there is a chance that the results may not meet expectations, which can lead to disappointment.
  • To maintain their results, patients must commit to a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise, which may require ongoing effort.
  • Unrealistic expectations can lead to dissatisfaction with results. Patients must have a clear understanding of what can be achieved through surgery.

How Long Does it Take to Heal From a Mommy Makeover?

The healing time for a mommy makeover can vary depending on the specific procedures performed, individual patient factors, and the extent of surgery. Typically, patients can expect a gradual healing process that unfolds over several weeks to months. Patients should attend all follow-up appointments with their plastic surgeon to monitor progress and address concerns.

How Much Does a Mommy Makeover Cost?

On average, a mommy makeover in Foothill Ranch, CA, typically ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 or more. This estimate includes expenses for procedures like breast augmentation or reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, and other body contouring surgeries.

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If you’re ready to return to your pre-pregnancy body, Dr. Daneshmand and his team are prepared to help you achieve your mommy makeover goals. At Silhouette, the Foothill Ranch, Lake Forest, and Orange County mommy makeover packages include surgical procedures mentioned above. To schedule your mommy makeover Foothill Ranch procedure, call 949-359-8397 today.

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